Chicano Park

Next, we headed to the one of San Diego’s streets to look at murals created by the Chicano community as a form of their protest. The “street art gallery” of Chicano resistance is a 7.9 acre park located beneath the San Diego-Coronado Bridge in Barrio Logan, which is a predominantly Mexican American and Mexican-immigrant community in central San Diego. The park is an assemblage of sentiments towards the ruling power in San Diego, which wanted to simply deprive them of their distinct heritage, their community by turning this communal space into a parking lot. The murals, which we could admire, show amazing spirit of community which simply refused to be deprived of their roots. Through those murals Chicano artists showed artistic resistance to the forces of cultural assimilation and destruction of their Latin selves. What was strikingly different from, for example, Polish forms of resistance, was the way in which these forms expressed the community’s protest. It is through dancing and singing as the source of force that helps them stand against the challenges of the new reality. Through appealing to their Latin cultural heritage they showed their communal strength, spirit, and empowerment, and their activism was precisely mediated through these amazing pieces of street art.


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