Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Another crucial element of our trip was experiencing the American flora and fauna, and the first location was Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. Located within San Diego city limits, Torrey Pines remains one of the wildest stretches of land on the Southern California coast. Through the efforts of the people in this area, 2,000 acres of land remain as they were before San Diego was even developed. What has to be emphasized is that Torrey Pines is not a park. It is a natural reserve which is characterized by the fact that it contains threatened plants, habitats, animals, and unique geological formations. All these, along with a breathtaking view of the ocean, remind you how overrated human hunger for possession and incessant need for intervention are. Thanks to the efforts of those who understood the nature of, precisely, nature, this place is an unforgettable experience. Also, during our hike we met a volunteer tour guide, who dedicated his life to share his love to the reserve and his knowledge about it to the visitors. He told us a touching story of how he and his wife, Roberta, used to spend their time in the reserve. After she had passed away, he dedicated a bench to her. And that’s where we met him; next to the bench, telling the story of his life. A story which makes every romantic story one could see in romantic films pale in comparison. All this, once again, made us realize that if you stop for a minute and listen closely to people who are part of the community, you might hear and see more humanity than in all the books you would ever get to read.


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