Olvera Street

The beauty which can be seen in every corner of the City of Angels, is diversity. Diversity which creates the city, giving it the special character of social and cultural assemblage. Driving through Korean, Ethiopian, Jewish, Chinese, and lots of other districts, one can truly understand the immigrant-based nature of the United States. Multitude of those culturally and ethnically different neighborhoods are spread all over LA. Yet, the very first part of this city, sometimes called “the birthplace of Los Angeles,” is Olvera Street. The magical market with painted stalls, gift shops, cafés, street vendors, and restaurants took us on a short trip all over Mexico. Yet, it’s not only a place for tourists, solely dedicated to entertain them and sell as many Día de los Muertos gadgets. It is a pulsating cultural preservation spot, familiarizing people with the customs of the Mexican community. But above all, you can eat a real quesadilla, with real Latin people around you, while experiencing realness of the Mexican spirit embossed on T-shirts which gloriously say things like: “I didn’t ask to be Mexican. I just got lucky!” or “Latina: Proud, Educated, and Powerful.”


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