Griffith Observatory & Hollywood Boulevard

Next on the list was the Griffith Observatory, known from such Holywood staples as Rebel Without a Cause. It is situated in the very large and hilly Griffith Park, which is home to cougars and other wildlife, as well as a place to hike, ride horses, and otherwise enjoy nature. In Griffith Observatory itself, we could visit the astronomical museum, planetarium, Tesla coil, pendulum, and way more. From there, we could admire the city from above, with the Hollywood sign above, and one of the most impressive panoramas one could possibly imagine. Also, we learned an important lesson, all from a simple sign up there: “No need to fix what God put his paintbrush on.” Which was a valuable lesson, yet it sort of questioned the whole reason of our trip (and of all human actions). Next, we headed to Hollywood Boulevard, where Jack Sparrow kisses your hand, Lord Vader accompanies you when you cross the street, and where you can simply buy yourself an Oscar statuette for having achieved just anything you wish. We walked our way right into fame, and discovered that it is not as glorious as one might think. Perhaps the magic surrounding Hollywood and everything about it, is just to stay on the screen.


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